Real True Cheaters

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If you read Real true Cheaters is because there are fake true cheaters. Everyone of us is a cheater.
We know the subject for ourselves, not because we saw a movie or something, but because we are in the
arena. Yeah, that’s why we can write about it, because we know it. In filosophy they say there are
four kinds of knowledge: ontic, ontologic, gnoseologic and expresional. In ontic you heared about it,
like a graviton, you dont know what it is, but maybe you heared about it. In ontologic you know what
it is, like an atom, you know what it is but you are not a cientist. In gnoseologic you have
understanding about it, like a high school chemistry teacher knows about an atom. In expressional you
can talk about it easyly because you use it in your day by day, like a Particle Accelerator cientist
talking about atoms. We are in expressional. We cheat in our daily life, so we can write for our own
experience. Welcome to Real True Cheaters.
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